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Behavioral Health Toolkit for Medical Providers

Behavioral Health Toolkit for Medical Providers

Screening for Behavioral Healthcare Issues: What tools should I use?

Welcome to the the Optum Behavioral Health Toolkit for Primary Care Physicians (PCP) and other providers. You will find a variety of resources to help your patients. Resources are organized by the condition you are treating and can be found on the left-hand column.

To better connect your patients with Behavioral Health resources, benefit information and provider search:

  1. Visit the member site:
  2. Look for the Behavioral Health phone number on the back of the member’s card

UnitedHealthcare members can locate behavioral health and medical providers through > Find a Doctor

We’ve also included a variety of general behavioral health information and resources below that can be applied more generally.

Please come back regularly as new information is routinely posted.

General Info

Substance Use Disorder Helpline: 1-855-780-5955

A 24/7 helpline for providers and patients to:

  • Identify local MAT and behavioral health treatment providers and provide targeted referrals for evidence-based care
  • Educate members/families about substance use
  • Assist in finding community support services
  • Assign a care advocate to provide ongoing support for up to 6 months, when appropriate

Member website

    Live and Work Well

Screening Tools for Children

Birth to 5 Compendium of Screening Measures

CSBS DPTM Infant-Toddler Checklist

Symptoms and Signs Suggestive of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Concerns

Screening Tools for Older Adults

Short Portable Mental Status Questionnaire

Best Practices for Children

Birth to 5: Watch Me Thrive!

Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Best Practices for Adults

Behavioral Healthcare After an Emergency Department Visit or Inpatient Hospitalization