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Electronic Payments & Statements Video
Sign Up for Electronic Payments & Statements

Optum's Electronic Payments & Statements, the fastest way to get paid and helps your revenue stream keep flowing. Runtime: 2:49

Eligibility & Benefits Video
Eligibility & Benefits

Brief overview covers various member search options, viewing eligibility results, benefit information and building a My Patients List. Runtime: 6:08

Meaningful Use Video
Meaningful Use Requirements

Cloud-based Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management applications. Runtime: 2:07

Message Center Video
Welcome to the Provider Express Message Center

This quick overview will get you up and running on our secure communication tool, Provider Message Center. Runtime: 6:14

Provider Express Technical Requirements Video
Provider Express Technical Requirements

Browser requirements for accessing Provider Express on both mobile and non-mobile devices. Runtime: 2:43

Wellness Assessment Form Video
Wellness Assessment Form

This brief guided tour demonstrates how to create and pre-populate a Wellness Assessment Form. Runtime: 2:11

Optum Authorization Request Video
Optum Authorization Inquiry

Quick overview for checking the status of an Authorization for Optum through our online provider portal, Provider Express. Runtime: 3:27

Contact Us Video
Best way to contact Optum

Contacting Optum through the Provider Express website. Runtime: 1:34

Telemental Health Video
Become a Telemental Health Provider

As an Optum Telemental Health Provider, you can broaden your reach and potentially increase your referral base. Runtime: 4:58

First Time Registering Video
Registering for the First Time on Provider Express

The brief overview looks at the process of setting up an Optum ID prior to registering for Provider Express. Runtime: 7:18

Claim Inquiries & Claim Adjustments Video
Claim Inquiries & Claim Adjustments

Overivew of how the Claim Inquires and Claim Adjustment features function on Provider Express. Runtime: 4:51

Get up and running quickly with Optum by viewing our Navigating Optum Webinar
Navigating Optum Webinar

Get up and running quickly with this informative on-demand webinar. Runtime: 30:37

Claim Entry Video
Claim Entry on Provider Express

Submitting claims using both the short form and the long form. Runtime: 8:25

My Provider Express Video
Using the My Provider Express Function

The My Provider Express function offers several convenient features based on user access level. Runtime: 11:28

Express Access Network Video
Join the Express Access Network TODAY!

Looking to increase your referral base? Joining Optum's Express Access Network may be just the ticket. Runtime: 3:23

Mt Practice info Video
Updating Your Practice Information on Provider Express

Overview for adding, deleting or revising practice information for the solo or group clinical practice. Runtime: 8:15