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Offer EAP services – and get your same rate

Your credentials are all you need, and you earn the same rate as for routine outpatient therapy.

As a behavioral health care professional, you’re acutely aware of the critical role you play in helping people get through tough times. By offering brief counseling intervention through our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), you can play an important role in helping empower people with resources that help build resilience, remove barriers, and reach goals. EAP is just one of the many important ways people can access the help they need – and we hope you are interested in being an important part in it.

•All Optum-contracted therapists may provide and submit claims for EAP services and are encouraged to participate.

•As a participating in-network therapist, you earn the same contracted rate for EAP services as for routine outpatient therapy services and are reimbursed directly.

Plus, many members who have EAP benefits through Optum also have Optum insurance. So, if a member exhausts their EAP services and needs more help, they can smoothly transition into ongoing counseling.

Authorizations for EAP services

Paid for by a member’s employer, EAP is a health and wellness benefit designed to provide assessment and referral, as well as a brief counseling intervention. The typical EAP benefit offers a limited number of sessions with a mental health or substance use disorder clinician for counseling services.

Authorizations are required for EAP and should be initiated by the member prior to the first appointment.  EAP authorization letters are sent directly to the member via e-mail or U.S. Postal Service mail. 

  1. When a member presents for EAP services, ask for the EAP authorization code number, effective dates and expiration dates, and whether any of the authorized visits have been used
  2. You may also use the Auth Look-up tool in the secure transactions area of Provider Express to verify authorization information, or contact Optum EAP at 866-248-4094 for assistance
  3. After services have been provided, you may submit your claim for reimbursement on

Update your EAP status online on Provider Express

Individual Providers can update their EAP status by logging in to and clicking Edit under General Information from their Practice Information page. 

Group Practices can update their EAP status by logging in to and clcking Edit under General Information from  their Practice Profile page.

Providers Credentialed under a Group can update their EAP status by logging in to and clicking Edit under General Information from their Edit Clinician page.


To learn more, view the Frequently Asked Questions 


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