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Additional information and forms are available, including psych/neuropsych testing guidelines, credentialing plans, and Disability Solutions Manual, on the Provider Express Guidelines/Policies & Manuals and Optum Forms pages.

Ohio Medicaid and MyCare Specific News


  • Provider Alert:  Changes for Out of Network Providers as of 10/01/20
  • Provider Alert: Y11 Claims Denial 7/02/18
  • Provider Alert: Agency Registration and Affiliation 3/26/18
  • Provider Alert: Behavioral Health Redesign Billing 2/21/18
  • Provider Alert: Behavioral Health Redesign Billing 2/27/18
  • Current OH Global Claim Issues:
  • 1. Certain codes are underpaying due to the 08/01/19 fee updates.  System corrected as of 10/14/19. Claims rework project in process.
  • 2. HCPCS codes H2017 and H2019 with no modifiers billing with Place of Service 11 and 53 are paying inaccurately.  System fix in process.
  • 3. HCPCS code H0040 denying for No Prior Authorization invalidly.  System corrected as of 12/02/19.  Claims rework project in process.
  • 4. CPT code 96372 is denying as Non-Covered incorrectly.  System fixed as of 10/28/19.  Claims rework project in process.
  • 5. CPT code 99215 for CNP and CNS is paying at a lower rate.  System fixed on 08/06/19.  Claims rework project in process.
  • 6. Claims are denying invalidly for Provider Type 21 is also a Provider Type 84/95 as non-Contracted.  System fixed as of 07/15/19.  Claims rework project in process.
  • 7. Claims denying incorrectly with denial code A17, NPI not billed.  System corrected on 01/15/19.  Claims rework project in process.
  • 8. CPT 90833 is underpaying.  System corrected on 10/07/19.  Claims rework project is in process.
  • 9. CPT 99349 with Place of Service 16 is receiving an A02 No Authorization Denial invalidly.  System corrected on 12/20/19.  Claims rework project in process.
  • 10. Certain Providers are not receiving their Capital Add-On Rate with their APR-DRG rate.  System fix in process.
  • 11.  E&M code 99215 or Telehealth is denying for the GT modifier in some occasions.
  • 12.  CPT Code H0015 is denying with POS 11.


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UnitedHealthcare Community Plan Provider Administrative Manuals:

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