Join Our Network

Facility or Hospital-Based Providers

  • Do you offer licensed/certified Inpatient and/or higher level of care services (i.e., Inpatient, Detox, Residential, Partial Hospitalization, and Intensive Outpatient (IOP)?
  • Do you have minimum professional liability coverage of $5 million/$5 million for acute inpatient services, and minimum professional and comprehensive liability coverage of $1 million/$3 million for non-acute inpatient services (unless state requirements vary)?

If you meet these requirements, please complete the Facility Network Request Form (FNRF). Return the completed  FNRF and any requested documents to Network Management for your state (see "Network Management Contact Information" on the Contact Us page in the Network Management section).

Group/Practice Providers

If you are part of a group practice that is contracted with Optum/OHBS-CA, please consult with your group administrator regarding joining the network.

Group contracts are available under limited circumstances. You can contact Network Management about a Group Contract (the contact information is located under "Network Management Contact Information" in the Network Management section).

Individually-Contracted Clinicians

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