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Quality Assurance Screening for Depression

Depression is a highly common behavioral health condition. Screening for Depression within the primary care setting ensures accurate diagnosis, effective treatment and proper follow-up care.

Depression screenings, such as the Patient Health Questionnaire - 9 (PHQ-9) can be found within the Behavioral Health Toolkit in Provider Express.

The PHQ-9 is available for free and in multiple languages. Another advantage of this tool is that it helps the evaluator determine a patient’s depression severity and makes treatment recommendations in accordance with the severity of symptoms. Optum has developed a PHQ-9 scoring guide to help providers determine best treatment options for patients based on the severity of their symptoms.

It should be noted that if a patient is diagnosed with a Depressive Disorder AND is prescribed anti-depressants then Antidepressant Medication Management protocols should be followed. 

Click here for the PHQ-9 Scoring Guide

Talking to your Patients about Depression:

Discussing complex emotional and behavioral needs can be difficult. To support you, Optum has posted a variety of video training materials on the Psych Hub Video Library for you:

Video Training: Setting the Clinical Stage

Video Training: Effective Listening

Video Training: Building Empathy with Patients

More videos can be accessed at our PsychHub Video Library here

Simply Easy Learning

Assessing for Suicidality:

Training Video:  Identifying Suicidal Ideation

Training Video: Suicide Risk and Warning Signs

Training Video: Suicidal Behavior Presentation & Treatment


Treatment Options:

Optum supports members by providing a variety of treatment resources. These include:

Additional Resources: