Credentialed Optum Providers - Join the Express Access Network

Clinicians displaying the Express Access Stopwatch icon enjoy more referrals

Join our Express Access Network and
Optum will direct more referrals your way.

If you are a currently credentialed provider with Optum, then you'll want to become part of the Express Access Network. It's designed to help you expand your practice and generate more revenue.

We do that by placing a stopwatch icon next to your name on our online provider directory, The stopwatch icon indicates to members and care advocates that you have contractually agreed to offer an appointment within 5 business days of request.

Reduced wait time is a huge motivator for members in need of services to come see you.

If you're ready to become part of this innovative solution for increased referrals, simply click on your state from the drop-down menu below. You will be linked to the Express Access Network contract addendum, which you can then complete, sign and submit for approval electronically. It couldn't be more convenient.

For more information please review the Express Access Network FAQs or contact your Optum/UBH Network Manager.

Ready to join the Express Access Network
and increase referrals?

If you're an Optum-credentialed network provider, click on your state from the drop-down menu below
and complete the contract addendum

Members are looking for Optum-credentialed network clinicians that have the Express Access Network stopwatch icon beside their name on   

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You can complete and sign the Express Access Network contract addendum online by clicking on your state from the drop-down menu to the left. Once submitted, your electronically signed addendum will be quickly reviewed for approval.

Click here for the contact information of your Optum/UBH Network Manager if you have any questions.