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Optum ID

In the upcoming months, Provider Express users will be migrated to Optum ID. Watch for communication regarding this transition. All active users will be required to create an Optum ID and link their existing Provider Express account(s) to it.

With Optum ID, the company’s goal is to provide a consistent, improved user experience and enhanced security protection.

What is Optum ID?

Optum ID is a centralized, secure identity management solution that enables a single sign-on to all integrated applications while ensuring high levels of PHI and HIPAA security

Why now?

  • Security risks are growing:
    • Cyber criminals are targeting health care credentials
    • Phishing attempts have grown 400% in the last 2 year,
    • Companies are aggregating data by screen scraping information and they have poor security controls
  • More stringent regulatory requirements:
    • Control access to personal health records,  transmission of health care data, ePrescription
  • Consumer privacy policy concerns are increasing

Top Application Security Risks Mitigated by Optum ID

  • Optum ID provides Anti-Phishing capabilities for our applications, protecting customers, business partners, and employees against malicious sites.
  • Optum ID provides Risk Based Authentication and One Time Password (OTP) technologies to reduce data aggregation and screen scraping of information by other companies.
  • Optum ID provides Anti-Phishing capabilities to prevent customers from accessing malicious sites.
  • Optum ID provides the ability to track/audit user session across applications. The risk based authentication and OTP technologies prevent misuse of administrative credentials which are targeted by Cyber Criminals.