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ACE is a quality-driven, data-rich measurement program that recognizes excellent performance

ACE is a quality-focused measurement program that recognizes excellent service from our network clinicians and creates more transparency for care advocates and our members. Using nationally-based, regionally-adjusted metrics, Optum will identify clinicians and groups who deliver both effective and efficient care for Optum members. The results of this data-driven system will allow us to annually tier clinicians, and recognize and reward those providers who meet or exceed ACE benchmarks.

What does the ACE program hope to achieve?

Optum seeks to recognize and reward clinicians who consistently demonstrate effective and efficient clinical care. Our motive is to create an environment of better transparency and choice for Optum members and a more loyal patient population for our network providers. It is Optum’s strong belief that patient outcomes are the most important indicator of quality health care service.

ACE broadens the scope of clinical outcomes data by

  • Utilizing metrics based on effectiveness and efficiency data submitted via ALERT Wellness Assessments
  • Presenting clinicians with feedback using nationally-recognized, evidenced-based measures
  • Allowing for comparisons of practitioners by region and area of clinical specialty
  • Rewarding clinicians with significant perks and better visibility on

Where can I view my scores?

Practitioners will be able to view their scores by logging into Provider Express, clicking on the Provider Reports tab, and clicking on "Achievements in Clinical Excellence" on the dashboard. Scores will be calculated every October, and practitioners will have a 60-day period to review their data prior to it being made public by submitting an ACE Review Request Form. To ensure a timely review, it is important that you submit a review request within 30 days of being notified of your score.

For more detailed information about the ACE Cliniician program, please visit the ACE Clinicians page here on Provider Express